Junior High
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school hours?

School hours are 7:56 a.m.—3:10 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please ensure that your child shows respect for his or her teacher by always being on time.

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What is the absence and tardy policy?

Parents and students are responsible to ensure regular and punctual attendance. We encourage you to schedule all appointments outside of school hours. If your child must be absent, please contact the office in advance, and let us know why your child will be missing school. That way, we can determine whether it will be an excused absence or not.

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Does the school have a dress code?

We sure do! We expect all of our students to remain well groomed and neatly dressed at all times. We believe that wearing neat, clean clothing helps students feel good about coming to school and learning. We forbid any form of dress or hairstyle that is not in accordance with our expectations. We prohibit the wearing of shorts as well as any revealing, immodest, or inappropriate pieces of clothing. Shirts must remain tucked in at all times. The dress code applies to all school-sponsored events. We appreciate all KJHS parents in helping to enforce this standard.

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Can I change my child’s schedule?

We understand that circumstances occasionally arise that necessitate a schedule change. We will only grant this change, however, if it is absolutely necessary. You must obtain approval for the change from either the principal or the assistant principal.

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What if my child needs to take medication during school hours?

Administration of medication is an extremely sensitive issue. For this reason, all medication is controlled and administered by the school and must be registered with the front office. This includes such common medications as Tylenol, Tums, Motrin, etc. The only medication that the student may self-administer is prescribed medication for asthma.

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What types of items does KJHS prohibit?

We want to keep our school safe and focused on learning. We do not allow any of the following: weapons, dangerous instruments, contraband, fireworks, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, chewing gum, candy, illicit materials, and electronic entertainment devices (including cell phones). The principal will discipline any student who chooses not to obey this rule.

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Can my child bring an electronic device to school?

We do not, at any time, allow students to possess any electronic device that may become a distraction. We will confiscate (and assess a $25 fine for) all cell phones, MP3 players, electronic gaming devices, cameras, and other such devices if found at school or on the bus. To recover any confiscated item, the parent of the child must bring $25 to the office in exchange for its release. We will not release these items to students, and we reserve the right to destroy any unclaimed items after 30 days.

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Does the school offer bus transportation?

Yes, we do. All school rules apply while on the bus, and we expect our students to be on their best behavior. Remember that riding the bus is a privilege. We will revoke this privilege in the event of gross or continued misconduct.

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Can my child participate in sports or clubs?

Absolutely! We offer an array of athletics teams and clubs for your child to participate in. However, we do require that all students participating be in good academic standing.

*For further information regarding these questions and more, please refer to the student handbook found on the Home page of this website.

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